The Voting system allows you to show your interest to potential projects that you would like to see on Concordia. Voting and submissions here are free and cost you nothing.


  1. Login and click on your profile badge in the upper right corner of the site.

  2. Click on Vote to go to the voting page.

  3. All available project that are open for votes will be listed here.

To cast a vote, click on the Concordia logo to show your interest, or the "X" icon to pass. Once you have voted for all the available projects, please wait for more projects to be submitted. Alternatively, you may submit a project you wish to be included in this voting process.

Submit a Project for voting

You can submit a request for a project that you wish to be included in the voting system. You are required to include some basic details of the project during the submission process.

  • The Project Name

  • A Short Description of the project

  • A Profile Image of the project (example: product image or logo)

  • The Projects website

  • The Company Name

Click on the Submit button to complete your submission. All submissions will then be reviewed by the Concordia team before adding it to the system. Voting and submissions are free and cost you nothing. You will be notified via email on the status of your submission.

Please note the following before you make a submission:

  1. This submission is only for voting purposes, it is not the listing process for backing a project.

  2. All details submitted have to be accurate, otherwise it will not be counted as a successful submission.

  3. Repeated projects will be rejected.

  4. All submissions are vetted at the sole discretion of the moderator.